Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Park Avenue Princess: Siman Tu Gallery

On a lovely stroll today in the afternoon, I basked in the sunlight and admired all the very fashionable people on the Upper East Side. One older woman was donned in gold linen pants accompanied by a gold twin set and fabulous sunglasses. Another wore a tunic style dress with embellished sandals. If there is one place to spot out something special to add to your collection of clothing or accessories, New York is the place so it was no surprise to me when I stumbled upon the beautiful Siman Tu Gallery.

As I walked in, I was immediately greeted by the sparkling diamonds and breathtaking freshwater pearl necklaces accompanied by French music, live chirping birds and garden-like vignettes. Siman Tu after all, is a haute couture jewellery designer who has had his exquisite necklaces grace the necklines of Barbara Walters, Anne Hathaway and Tyra Banks as well as made frequent appearances on Gossip Girl.

His pieces are absolute standouts with their hint of glamour and sophistication providing just the right amount of detail. Favourite pieces include: a medium strand pearl necklace with a delicate floral brooch attached at the top, fit for a princess or very elegant lady and gorgeous turquoise chandelier earrings that would match perfectly with a large turquoise statement necklace, each both featured on Gossip Girl.

The beautiful pieces are all handmade in house at the flagship store on 860 Lexington Ave. so if you are in the area be sure to visit this store because you will not be disappointed.

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