Monday, June 14, 2010

New York Fashion at its Finest: Costume Institute Gala at the MET

Being in New York I am beginning to realize that there is no fashion event more glamorous and fabulous than the annual MET Ball, where the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts an exhibit dedicated to a theme associated with fashion. Last year it was The Model As Muse and this year it was American Fashion-which by the way was absolutely fabulous!

In my opinion, there is no better red carpet than the MET Ball red carpet because designers and fashionistas a like really pull out the stops in terms of their red carpet looks. This year I would say was less experimental than last but still just as glamorous and fabulous. Be hold some of my favourite MET ball red carpet looks:
It's pretty easy to call these two a modern day Mick and Jerry. With their rock 'n' roll style and uber fashionable children, these two are a couple that we will all remember. At this years MET Gala, they each complemented each other beautifully with Gwen's sheer wrapped fitted gown and Gavin's classic tuxedo accented by none other than a bow tie.
Dark metallics are done right is this form fitting, sleek gown. It has a hint of the futuristic look that is shown everywhere, however it manages to still have a good dash of old Hollywood sexiness.Oh SJP! Everyones favourite fashionista! This is absolutely fun and whimsical with its '70's vibe and full skirt. Not only is this dress lovely but it also easy breezy. Fun, fun, fun!
I always love an elegant ruffle here and dash of colour there especially when those features complement each other so nicely. The shade of framboise goes beautifully with Naomi's shiny blonde hair and colourful pout with the accessories adding the right amount of sparkle!
Kate Hudson truly epitomizes the definition of glamorous bohemia. She is either rocking a laid back earth mama look or a sexy bombshell look and here she manages to do a little bit of both with the relaxed draping and glittery sparkle. Bon Bon!


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