Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had A Dream Part Eleven "A Canadian Girl in the New York City"

It has now been about two weeks since I have been in New York City and boy has it been a whirl wind! I have started my dream internship and it is fabulous. It is fast paced and fast fashion with a whole lotta fun in between.

Having an internship at a magazine and dealing with fashion one would think that in terms of style expression anything goes. However, it is important to remember that even though you may be working in a fun environment, an air of professionalism should be visible in your attire.

Ever wonder what is appropriate to wear at a fashion internship? Well read on my friend for some key advice:

Rule #1-Keep it undercover
Never wear anything that shows too much skin including short shorts, crop tops and low cut tops. The above may be in style and you are working in a fashion department but it does not make it ok to show the whole office your goodies. If you do want to have fun with your wardrobe at work, try it with colours or prints.

Rule #2-
A blazer solves everything, well almost everything

Keeping in mind the above rule, if you are going to have fun with trends in the office a blazer is a great way to keep your look professional. Blazers look great with pretty much everything from a romper, to a dress to skinny jeans with a button-up and are the perfect way to elevate a casual look to a professional one. For example, if you plan on wearing a floral summer dress to your internship pair it with a blazer, it will help take your look from fun in the sun to office appropriate. 

Rule #3-Ditch the heels honey!

Despite the fact there are tons amazing stilettos, wedges and pumps that are in this summer, believe me when I say this, leave them at home! At your internships especially a fashion internship, you will most likely be running around the city, the fashion closet and more. Make sure to wear flat comfortable shoes. You will thank me later!

Well that's fashionable folks! The basics to what you need to know about how to dress appropriately at a fashion internship.


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