Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chillin' on the West Side: A Fashion Comparison

In the West Village you have your hipsters, the West 11st Street Cafe, Magnolia Bakery, and one of my favourites, Marc Jacobs!

On Bleeker Street is the famous Marc Jacobs that carries Marc by Marc Jacobs and his even lower-priced line in which he sells fun items like $11 (woo-hoo!) flip flops and $14 cashmere ankle socks. Actually all the lower-priced, high-quality items remind me of Canada's favourite, Joe Fresh!

Oh the similarities! First, both are loved by the fashion crowd, New York for MJ and Toronto for Joe, second, both are contemporary, fun and colourful when they want to be, third, each dabble in the trends while still staying true to their brand and fourth, each show that being fashionable and high quality can be affordable!

In Canada, Joe Fresh is known for selling a slew of very au courrant yet classic pieces using high quality fabrics while still managing not to break the bank. Marc Jacobs lower-priced line as mentioned above $14 cashmere ankle socks, show that anyone can have a part of the MJ world without maxing out the credits cards.

Each time I have come to New York, I always love checking out the Marc Jacob's store because it is full of colourful, fun little pieces that are full of wardrobe inspiration. One of my first pieces from there was a purple quilted bag and today they have an enviable animal print plastic slouchy shoulder bag. They also have a metallic silver MJ monogrammed sleek gym bag that I would love to tote around, along with adorable heart shaped (and broken heart) compact mirrors.

On the clothes front, what is there not to love? My favourites are a squared shaped '60's-style striped double-breasted cardigan that was red, gold and navy, perfect for when fall rolls around. They also had the same jacket in hot pink, orange, white and gold with a matching A-line skirt. Super cute for your summer internship or strolling around on a nice day. I also loved a group of dresses that came in fuchsia and teal with large yellow flowers. They had a pleated neckline and pleated details at the pocket hem. They were made of some sort of silk or sateen and had a lovely shiny finish. Ideal for a summer night first date or a cool concert.

Next time you find yourself in NYC, make sure to make the Marc Jacobs store in the West Village one of you first shopping stops. You will not be disappointed, I promise.


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