Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WINK: The City Made You Look

Upon a stroll in a trendy part of the Upper West Side, amongst Intermix, Theory and excited Eclipse fans lining up at LOEWS theatre, stands WINK. A cute, girly boutique filled with hot pink and silver damask wallpaper and crystal chandeliers. It is not just any WINK store either, but the very same WINK store featured on a recent episode of MTV's The City. If you are like me, you will probably check out the store hoping to try some Whitney Eve pieces but unfortunately you will have to wait until the fall.Until then you can enjoy the lovely, flouncy blouses, rompers and dresses by Yumi Kim and Amanda Uprichard.

       Lining the walls of WINK were lightweight pieces such as an oversized floral t-shirt, a soft brocade style hot pink party dress. My favourite piece had to be a navy blue romper with white stripes with pink and white flowers throughout. Made of silk and designed by Yumi Kim, it is my official go-to piece when I want to look like I have spent the weekend in St. Tropez or the Hamptons.

For you purse lovers out there, WINK has got your covered with their decorated purse wall. That's right! An entire wall decorated with purses hanging from a nail. It takes the concept of fashion meets art to a whole new level. My absolute favourite was a red leather cross body chain bag by Andrea Brueckner. Perfect for your summer nights and autumns days. Hell, it's perfect for everything! 

WINK is my kind of store with the perfect mix of girly fun and chic style. If you ever find yourself on the Upper West Side and need a place to find your perfect summer outfit, this is the place!


Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had A Dream Part Eleven "A Canadian Girl in the New York City"

It has now been about two weeks since I have been in New York City and boy has it been a whirl wind! I have started my dream internship and it is fabulous. It is fast paced and fast fashion with a whole lotta fun in between.

Having an internship at a magazine and dealing with fashion one would think that in terms of style expression anything goes. However, it is important to remember that even though you may be working in a fun environment, an air of professionalism should be visible in your attire.

Ever wonder what is appropriate to wear at a fashion internship? Well read on my friend for some key advice:

Rule #1-Keep it undercover
Never wear anything that shows too much skin including short shorts, crop tops and low cut tops. The above may be in style and you are working in a fashion department but it does not make it ok to show the whole office your goodies. If you do want to have fun with your wardrobe at work, try it with colours or prints.

Rule #2-
A blazer solves everything, well almost everything

Keeping in mind the above rule, if you are going to have fun with trends in the office a blazer is a great way to keep your look professional. Blazers look great with pretty much everything from a romper, to a dress to skinny jeans with a button-up and are the perfect way to elevate a casual look to a professional one. For example, if you plan on wearing a floral summer dress to your internship pair it with a blazer, it will help take your look from fun in the sun to office appropriate. 

Rule #3-Ditch the heels honey!

Despite the fact there are tons amazing stilettos, wedges and pumps that are in this summer, believe me when I say this, leave them at home! At your internships especially a fashion internship, you will most likely be running around the city, the fashion closet and more. Make sure to wear flat comfortable shoes. You will thank me later!

Well that's fashionable folks! The basics to what you need to know about how to dress appropriately at a fashion internship.



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo of the Day!: LV and Ponytails

It's hard to believe that fall ad campaigns are already being photographed with the sweltering heat here in NYC but that's just how the fashion industry works! Just when you are settled into one season out comes  the next. These photos are from Louis Vuitton's fall ad campaign and boy are they lovely! Photographed by Steven Meisel and featuring my new favourite model, Karen Elson, the ladylike 1950's styling with swishy ponytails are my absolute favourite! These looks are the right amount of retro style without looking costume-like. 

What photographs are inspiring you? Have you already started daydreaming about your fall wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section or email me at


American Woman, Baby Let Me Be: The MET's Costume Institute Exhibition Part One

On a cloudy afternoon there is nothing better than taking a stroll through the museum. Lucky for me, the MET is currently hosting its exhibit, American Fashion: Fashioning a National Identity. Not only does the exhibit feature gorgeous fashions by designers from the grandfather of haute couture, Charles Worth to Coco Chanel but it is also narrated by the quintessential New York City gal, Sarah Jessica Parker. The beautiful exhibit takes a historical look at American history through the eyes of fashion gowns through the heiress of the 1890s to the Old Hollywood glamour of the 1940's.

At first you enter a room that is straight from the 1890's celebrating the heiress. With walls covered with damask wall paper and music reminiscent of an elegant ball, the scene was set with several bustle-style gowns glimmering with satin and embroidery. During this time period, women of an older age wore dark gowns and younger women wore lighter colours. The most stunning gown was a black sequin floor length gown with a corseted bodice and full sleeves. Elegant and glamorouous. Another favourite was a soft pink silk gown with an embellised feather detail accented with beautiful fans and delicate lace. As always, the MET recreated this time periodd perfectly and I felt as if I were in this time period myself.
Next up we had the Gibson Girl of the 1900's, an animated character created by illustrator Charles Dana Gisbon that represented the ideal American girl who was athletic, active and fun, always wearing a chignon. This part of the exhibit featured outfits that women wore when playing sports and it was quite different than what we see today. No spandex shorts and sports bras for these Gibson Girls! A typical outfit for swimming was not a cutout metallic bathing suit but a navy sailor-inspired dress! With white trim and nautical motif, this outfit must have made swimming difficult for these ladies.

The Gibson Girl was not the only woman that dominated the early 1900's, there was also the Bohemia. A woman who celebrated her intellect and engaged herself in the arts. Instead of celebrating her body she wore clothes that distracted from it with gold chiffon wraps and loose harem-style pants. My favourite piece was a blood-red silk jumper that was inspired by dhopis worn by men in India. Accented by a lace vest, this look is reminiscent of the bohemian woman of today.

Following this. were the woman warriors who took part in the war effort and when they were at home they fought for a woman's right to vote. Always accompanied by their gold and yellow sashes these women wore elongated coats and full skirts. The most fashionable outfit would have to be a beige suit with a button detail reminiscent of a frog detail that is normally found on a mandarin coat.

       On to the roaring twenties! These women were liberated, independent and free spirited. They drank, smoke and did the Charleston all while wearing casual and comfortable clothes. During the day, they wore modest clothing with my favourite being a red cloche hat, beige sweater with red vertical stripes and matching bow on top with a pleated beige skirt coming just past the knee for the bottom. At night it was all glitz and glamour! Exquisite sequin details and shapeless dresses was the style du jour. A standout was a blush dress with chiffon bodice and embellished skirt with cutouts reminiscent of a mermaid's fin.

      The exhibit ended with a picture into Old Hollywood, the most glamorous decade of all. Floor length gowns filled the dimly lit room with scenes featuring old films starring screen goddess, Jean Harlow wearing a fabulous fur trimmed chiffon robe playing in the background. The most coveted designs had to be a halter dress by Charles Worth with cascading silk layers printed with a brown and beige abstract print. A very sexy number was a black long sleeved gown with cutout detail in the back with a long skirt and embellished hem. Subtle and sexy all in one!

      Finally the event concluded with a montage dedicated to all the strong, influential women throughout American history from famous dancer, Josephine Baker to Diane Von Furstenberg to Tina Fey. At the end of the event, not only was I inspired by the beautiful fashions but I also felt empowered for being a woman. The exhibit beautifully celebrated influential fashion and the women that wore it in a way that made you feel like saying, "I am woman hear me roar!" (in a fashionable ensemble of course.)


*All images of the gowns have been taken from

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chillin' on the West Side: A Fashion Comparison

In the West Village you have your hipsters, the West 11st Street Cafe, Magnolia Bakery, and one of my favourites, Marc Jacobs!

On Bleeker Street is the famous Marc Jacobs that carries Marc by Marc Jacobs and his even lower-priced line in which he sells fun items like $11 (woo-hoo!) flip flops and $14 cashmere ankle socks. Actually all the lower-priced, high-quality items remind me of Canada's favourite, Joe Fresh!

Oh the similarities! First, both are loved by the fashion crowd, New York for MJ and Toronto for Joe, second, both are contemporary, fun and colourful when they want to be, third, each dabble in the trends while still staying true to their brand and fourth, each show that being fashionable and high quality can be affordable!

In Canada, Joe Fresh is known for selling a slew of very au courrant yet classic pieces using high quality fabrics while still managing not to break the bank. Marc Jacobs lower-priced line as mentioned above $14 cashmere ankle socks, show that anyone can have a part of the MJ world without maxing out the credits cards.

Each time I have come to New York, I always love checking out the Marc Jacob's store because it is full of colourful, fun little pieces that are full of wardrobe inspiration. One of my first pieces from there was a purple quilted bag and today they have an enviable animal print plastic slouchy shoulder bag. They also have a metallic silver MJ monogrammed sleek gym bag that I would love to tote around, along with adorable heart shaped (and broken heart) compact mirrors.

On the clothes front, what is there not to love? My favourites are a squared shaped '60's-style striped double-breasted cardigan that was red, gold and navy, perfect for when fall rolls around. They also had the same jacket in hot pink, orange, white and gold with a matching A-line skirt. Super cute for your summer internship or strolling around on a nice day. I also loved a group of dresses that came in fuchsia and teal with large yellow flowers. They had a pleated neckline and pleated details at the pocket hem. They were made of some sort of silk or sateen and had a lovely shiny finish. Ideal for a summer night first date or a cool concert.

Next time you find yourself in NYC, make sure to make the Marc Jacobs store in the West Village one of you first shopping stops. You will not be disappointed, I promise.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's in a Name?: Vogue Threatens to Sue Canadian Fashion Event

Most recently the Victoria, British Columbia fashion industry had organized a fashion event celebrating the West Coast's talented designers. This fabulous evening was going to called, Victoria's Fashion Night Out in order to pay tribute to all of Victoria's fashionistas who had planned to take part in the event. Unfortunately, the name that the organizers had intended to call the event was a little similar to another well-known fashion event, Vogue's Fashion Night Out.

As soon as Vogue's legal team caught wind of the similarities between the names they contacted the organizers of Victoria's Fashion Night Out and demand that they change the name immediately change their name or legal action will be taken. Victoria's Fashion Night Out organizers had to scramble to change the name the night before the event to simply, Victoria's Fashion Night.

I guess when it comes to fashion the early bird gets the worm.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!: People's Revolution Boss Hits Bryant Park

What I am beginning to love about New York is that there always seems to be a fun event everyday. The other day that fun event was a book signing and q&a session with none other than PR Queen and MTV's The City star, Kelly Cutrone!

I am currently reading her book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and if you haven't already picked it up, then go buy it! The book has Kelly's well-known straight forwardness and a lot of insights to her personal life that many may be surprised to find out, such as her brief stint as a tarot card reader and recording a song. Despite all of this, Kelly has some really incredible advice for not only how to make it in the fashion industry but also how to be a strong woman.

Some of my favourite parts include:

-When it comes to one's personal life.......Chapter Three "It's Not a Breakdown, it's a Breakthrough" in which she describes that going through a tough time is sometimes there to help you learn something about yourself in order to better yourself.

-When it comes to living your life.......Her bottom line of being true to yourself no matter what and always knowing what suits you best.

-When it comes to your career........Never de-value the importance of being an intern and to always treat each task with a pro-active and positive attitude!

All in all it is an amazing book and Miss Cutrone is one wise lady, so you can only imagine my excitement when I was able to see her in-person. Dressed in her signature all-black ensemble, she arrived in cool shades and bright nails. She spoke with the same confidence and honest attitude that what we all love about her and when it came to answer everyone's eager questions, she delivered. Some of the points that I took away from it were:

-To not feel the need to follow the expectations that society places on you as a woman or a human being. For example, getting married at a certain age and having a certain amount of children, etc. It is better to be your own person and do what makes you happy.

-It is always important to know who you are, what you are and what you want to do.

Pretty good advice, eh? Kelly was really nice to everyone. She personalized each book signature and gave free t-shirts to everyone who had a birthday in the month of June. It was a great experience to hear such a successful and empowered woman speak about things that we all can identify with first hand.

Kudos to you Kelly!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Park Avenue Princess: Siman Tu Gallery

On a lovely stroll today in the afternoon, I basked in the sunlight and admired all the very fashionable people on the Upper East Side. One older woman was donned in gold linen pants accompanied by a gold twin set and fabulous sunglasses. Another wore a tunic style dress with embellished sandals. If there is one place to spot out something special to add to your collection of clothing or accessories, New York is the place so it was no surprise to me when I stumbled upon the beautiful Siman Tu Gallery.

As I walked in, I was immediately greeted by the sparkling diamonds and breathtaking freshwater pearl necklaces accompanied by French music, live chirping birds and garden-like vignettes. Siman Tu after all, is a haute couture jewellery designer who has had his exquisite necklaces grace the necklines of Barbara Walters, Anne Hathaway and Tyra Banks as well as made frequent appearances on Gossip Girl.

His pieces are absolute standouts with their hint of glamour and sophistication providing just the right amount of detail. Favourite pieces include: a medium strand pearl necklace with a delicate floral brooch attached at the top, fit for a princess or very elegant lady and gorgeous turquoise chandelier earrings that would match perfectly with a large turquoise statement necklace, each both featured on Gossip Girl.

The beautiful pieces are all handmade in house at the flagship store on 860 Lexington Ave. so if you are in the area be sure to visit this store because you will not be disappointed.


Monday, June 14, 2010

New York Fashion at its Finest: Costume Institute Gala at the MET

Being in New York I am beginning to realize that there is no fashion event more glamorous and fabulous than the annual MET Ball, where the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts an exhibit dedicated to a theme associated with fashion. Last year it was The Model As Muse and this year it was American Fashion-which by the way was absolutely fabulous!

In my opinion, there is no better red carpet than the MET Ball red carpet because designers and fashionistas a like really pull out the stops in terms of their red carpet looks. This year I would say was less experimental than last but still just as glamorous and fabulous. Be hold some of my favourite MET ball red carpet looks:
It's pretty easy to call these two a modern day Mick and Jerry. With their rock 'n' roll style and uber fashionable children, these two are a couple that we will all remember. At this years MET Gala, they each complemented each other beautifully with Gwen's sheer wrapped fitted gown and Gavin's classic tuxedo accented by none other than a bow tie.
Dark metallics are done right is this form fitting, sleek gown. It has a hint of the futuristic look that is shown everywhere, however it manages to still have a good dash of old Hollywood sexiness.Oh SJP! Everyones favourite fashionista! This is absolutely fun and whimsical with its '70's vibe and full skirt. Not only is this dress lovely but it also easy breezy. Fun, fun, fun!
I always love an elegant ruffle here and dash of colour there especially when those features complement each other so nicely. The shade of framboise goes beautifully with Naomi's shiny blonde hair and colourful pout with the accessories adding the right amount of sparkle!
Kate Hudson truly epitomizes the definition of glamorous bohemia. She is either rocking a laid back earth mama look or a sexy bombshell look and here she manages to do a little bit of both with the relaxed draping and glittery sparkle. Bon Bon!



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calvin Klein Underwear hits the Katwalk

For all you Toronto fashionistas out there, there is something new and exciting to add to your Wednesday nights.

Starting this Wednesday until August, Ultra nightclub will be launching Katwalk, a series of fashion shows on their rooftop patio! An excellent way to enjoy the summer heat while observing some sizzling fashion.

To kick off the fashion show series is none other than Calvin Klein underwear which ad campaign features Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz and fiery soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata.

The hot show begins at 11pm with patio dining beginning at 5pm taking place at 314 Queen Street West. To reserve a spot on the guest list before 11pm email



Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had A Dream Part Ten "A Canadian Girl in the New York City"

So far I have been in New York City for a little over a week and it has been crazy! Among all the things I have had to finalize with my VISA, internship and housing, I am pooped! The hot, hazy weather here has definitely put me in a relaxed and reflective mood.

Here a few tips if you are fellow Canadian or non-American citizen and are looking to begin as exciting internship in the Big Apple!

1) Make lists!

I cannot emphasize this enough! Moving from your hometown to a new city can sometimes be a little overwhelming, which is why it is always important to stay super organized. Start with getting a notebook or piece of paper and begin to jot down any major important things that relate to what you need to be doing. It is always best to organize your list into categories i.e. housing, internship, etc.

2) Know the subway like the back of your hand!

If you are from a city or town that does not have a subway system or hell even if it dies have one, the New York subway system can be a little confusing. They are not only numbered subway lines but there are also lettered ones and because Manhattan is surrounded by so many boroughs, you have to make sure you are on the right one so you don't end up in a completely foreign part of the city! I suggest buying a subway map which is available at drug stores such as, Duane Reade and taking a day riding the subway to make sure you are familiar with where you need to be going.

3) You won't be using change on the subway!

Before riding the subway in New York City, you must purchase a MetroCard. You can get these at the kiosks inside the station. They are available for one time use or unlimited rides for a 30-day period. Be sure to get one of these as they are essential for getting around this stylish city!

4) It won't just be shopping bags you will be carrying!

If you will be living in NYC for the summer, as tempting as it may be to eat out every night, it is not always realistic so finding a grocery is key. New York tends to have a few smaller food markets and delis to buy food but if you are interested in buying a large number of groceries check out these places, Trader Joe's located at 138 East 14th Street, known for its amazing deals or Whole Foods Market located at 250 7th Avenue known, for its selection of organic foods. No matter what you are looking for, these places will each have you covered.

5) Have an adventure!

Most importantly remember to have fun! Interning in the Big Apple is a once in a lifetime exciting opportunity that you will definitely remember for the rest of your life. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you and make the most of such an exciting adventure!

Here's to you! Enjoy!