Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had a Fashion Dream Part Huit

It is now less than two weeks until I leave for New York City for the summer to pursue my dream internship!!! I am so excited. In order to be prepared, I have already completed the majority of my packing and boy does it feel good to go through all of my wardrobe and put together some new outfits. I love doing that! It is the best way to discover new outfits that were sitting right under your nose.

I have discovered that amidst all the items that I plan on bringing with me, I need more shoes. Shoes are something that I hardly buy (shocking, I know) but I find that with flat feet it is difficult to find stylish, comfortable shoes. On my next shopping trip, I will be on a mission to find some shoes that will be suitable for my internship and the streets of New York City.

Here is my list so far:


I love these for they are the perfect summer heel and have a way of looking a little 1950's retro pin-up.


These are one of the best shoes for your feet and actually look quite stylish with distressed denim shorts and a boho blouse. Comfort and style, what more could a girl ask for?

Black Pumps

I have a great double-strap mary jane pair but unfortunately they have overstayed their welcome in my closet and it is time to say goodbye. There is nothing worse than a ratty old stiletto in the shoedrobe. Not sexy. Not comfortable. Right now, I love pumps that have a slight platform at the heel a la Monsieur Louboutin, it makes heels that much more comfortable.


Boy meets girl. Oh how I love oxfords! Finally a stylish alternative to a running shoe and comfortable flat shoe all in one! As I mentioned above, I have flat feet so I find shoes that are completely flat as well, most comfortable making them perfect for a day at the internship! Cream, soft grey and blush are best for this style because I find dirt is less noticeable making it perfect for those New York City streets. Did I mention how much I love oxfords?

Well that's all for now! Are there any shoes that you find most haves your summer internships or strolling around the city? Do tell!


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