Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amanda's Fashion Picks.......My Favourite Fashion Pieces

My favourite fashion collections are always couture and resort. Couture always thinks outside the box and resort always gives me the warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when the snow starts to melt and the sun starts to shine. With the constant snow fall that has been going on lately this is the perfect pick-me-up to the cold grey weather.

Elie Saab
Mighty Aphrodite! This couture collection is beyond beautiful. The soft colours mixed with shots of yellow and sparkles create a soft, floaty collection that makes me want to be a part of Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream. Ahhh! What a nice breath of fresh, couture air!

Chanel Couture
This show is just pastels, creamy white and delicious all over! It reminds me of cupcakes and confections with the styling conjuring up memories of Sofia Coppolla's Marie Antoinette. The big hair, bows, layers and ruffles are fit for a lady who wears her femininity on her sleeve.

3.1 Philip Lim

This resort collection is fresh, clean and modern, just the way I like it. The large eyelet fabric combined with the whites, greys and blacks adds a sophisticated sexiness that is perfect for day and good for night.


Go Canada Go!

Just incase you haven't had enough of the Olympics, (Canada has won 15 medals thus far, woo-hoo!) then you must purchase this adorable t-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs in support of Canada.

It's available at Holt Renfrew for $65. Show your love!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Always Inspiring Annie Leibovitz

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Vanity Fair Portraits exhibition that was held at the ROM a couple months ago. Luckily however, through my daily Internet browsing, I was able to stumble upon these inspiring and beautiful shots by who else but, Annie Leibovitz.

The legendary photographer took some of these photos a couple of years ago and took inspiration from classic Disney films. My favourite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid is recaptured by the amazing Julianne Moore and the visually stimulating film, Marie Antoinette is captured in still life. Bon appetite!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canucks Doin' It Style: Coco, Denis and Dsquared take Canada by storm!

Ever stop and think about what is up and coming with your fellow fashionable Canucks? Read on my friend, read on:

Fall from Lace: Coco launches Rococo
As previously reported, Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha had been in a search for the perfect name for her upcoming fashion line and it appears that she has! With reference to the ornate artistic period and her namesake, Rocha has named her collection, Rococo. Clever and cute. She debuted the first piece from her line while co-hosting the Grammy red carpet with ET Canada. The sapphire blue and gold silk 18th century inspired dress had a peek-a-boo gold skirt and definitely stood out on the runway. Look forward to see what the dancing model has coming up next!

BEDO meet Denis
Montreal fashion designer, Denis Gagnon is set to launch an affordable clothing for BEDO. Known for his use of leather and monochromatic looks, it will be nice to know that more people will be able to get a hold of his designers. It's also very nice to see a Canadian designer gaining more support from retailers.

Brotherly Love: DSquared shows their Olympic Spirit

In honour of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics fashion's design duo, DSquared has designed the costumes for the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies. So those outfits you saw last night? All Dean and Dan. On top of that, they have created a limited edition edition Olympic hooded sweater at Holt Renfrew. Fashion meets the world of athletics, what better way to show support for your Canadian athletes this year?


Friday, February 12, 2010

Embrace Valentine's Day Cocktail Party featuring Bijoux Bead

Magnolia boutique located at 333 Eglinton Avenue celebrated Valentine's Day early at the Embrace Valentine's Day Cocktail Party. Showcasing Bijouxbead, an intricate and earthy collection of handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings - made with glass, metal and stone - this was the place to be for all the single ladies who wanted to treat themselves or the gentlemen who wanted to treat their ladies. After all, diamond's (in this case, beads) are a girl's best friend!

It was a chilly and icy night but that didn't stop the fashionable attendees from stepping out. Enjoying some bubbly and cupcakes, guests were able to browse the cozy yet elegant boutique which carries the designs of Moschino, Pringle of Scotland and Canadian designer, Tara Jarmon. Despite the beautiful clothes, this evening was all about the jewellery, in fact this is the first time that owner, Juan Carlos has had jewellery in his store.

Bijouxbead designer, Darlene Martin has had a lot of success, with her jewellery line being held in several Canadian galleries as well as creating a line of necklaces inspired by Evan Bidell's, Sunny Fong's and Andy The Anh's Spring/Summer 2010 fashion lines.

It was a lovely affair and the perfect way to kick off the long Valentine's Day weekend!


Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had a Fashion Dream Part Cinq

One thing that people always here when pursuing any dream is that you have to be ambitious, resilient and have passion. When it comes to the fashion industry, that is something that is ALWAYS heard from fashion class, to magazines, to networking to everyone.

Sometimes passion is not all you need when pursuing your dreams, you need to have resilience as well. When going after your dreams, there will be sometimes be unexpected setbacks or complications that don't have your dream working out as perfectly as you might have imagined. The remedy for that? NOT GIVING UP!!! I am writing this because it is important to never give up on your dreams and in my case, my NYC Internship Fashion Dream.

Whenever someone has a personal goal that they would like to achieve it's important to keep their eye on the prize. There may be a few bumps down the road but let me tell you, achieving your dream will make it well worth it.