Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Day in the life: I Had a Fashion Dream

Welcome the year 2010!

Here we are starting a new year as we begin making our fashion resolutions. Whether it is to experiment more with our wardrobe by wearing more colour or taking that sewing class you have always thought about, we all have something we would like to accomplish this year in the fashion world.

For me, my fashion dream has always been to work in the New York fashion industry. If you live in the western world and love fashion that is the place you need to be. The Big Apple is home to all the major fashion publications, designers and pr companies including, Vogue, Marc Jacobs and People's Revolution.

Two years ago I had the privilege to take a trip to Manhattan. I visited FIT, the garment district and 5th Avenue and instantly fell in love. New York City has an infectious energy and after my trip I knew that I was destined to be there. Ever since then, I have made it my number #1 goal to move to New York for the summer of 2010 and get an internship with a fashion magazine. It's a huge leap but I knew that if wanted to achieve my dreams I would have to take some risks.

If my experiences within the fashion industry have taught me anything, it has been to take risks, work hard and dream big. How else will one achieve all their fashion dreams? So this year make 2010 the year of taking risks. If you have always dreamed of moving to Paris to work under Karl Lagerfeld, do all that you can to get there, if you love fashion photography, start a street style blog or if you have always wanted to get into writing, start submitting articles to your local newspaper.

Dream big and go for it! Life is too short for a bunch of coulda', shoulda', wouldas' so take life by the horns and achieve your fashion dreams!

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