Monday, January 18, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had a Fashion Dream Part Three

“I’ve Got a Closet Full of Couture and Nowhere to Live”-Carrie Bradshaw

Alrighty, so now that I know where I plan to apply for my ideal internship, there are a few more details that I need to get ironed most importantly being, HOUSING! Where will I live when I am enjoying my exciting internship? Living in Toronto, I may feel that rent and the general cost of living is bad (especially considering the recent TTC fare hike!) but New York is about 5x that, especially when you are paying for things with Canadian funds.

I have begun my research and I have found some lovely places on Craigslist. One place I found sounded great, it is located in the hip and happening Greenwich Village, close to all major subway lines, a bathtub with waterjets and a rooftop deck! Only problem? It costs $2250 a month! As a full-time student that is not exactly in my price range so, I begin to look elsewhere, mainly local New York universities and colleges that offer summer housing for people in my position. The two top places I have found are New York University Summer Housing and Each offer fully furnished places with air conditioning, internet access and laundry services (woohoo!) each costing under $3000 for about 4 months. Whew! That’s more up my alley.

‘Til next time!

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