Monday, September 7, 2009

Flare's Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant enters the Blogosphere

Ever wondered what the fashion world was like from the eyes of a successful and powerful fashionista? 

Well, now you have that opportunity. Flare Magazine editor-in-chief Lisa Tant has entered the world of bloggers with her weekly posts of Canadian and worldly fashion on Inside with Flare with Lisa Tant.

The new fashion blog has interesting and helpful posts for aspiring fashionista's who would like to make it into the world of magazines such as, how Flare magazine picks their covers and how to break into the fashion industry. 

This is the probably the best insider scoop you can get because you will be able read all the behind-the-scenes info on Canada's Fashion Authority from the leader herself. Check it out and you can also follow Ms. Tant on her Twitter account. 

To read all of Lisa's fashion posts visit,

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