Friday, August 21, 2009

The Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in Between

And here it is, the final commandments of the Amanda's Fashion Spot, Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in Between. Read and enjoy,

9) Thou Shall Not Overindulge in Trendy Clothing Items and Accessories

Studded everything, acid-washed denim, plaid shirts, '80's neon and a whole lotta leather, all 'new' trends for the upcoming fall season. Each of these latest looks have some sort of appeal in their own special way. Leather leggings are tres hot with caged heels, brights colours are a great change and accent to neutrals with plaid shirts adding a casual appeal to your outfit. However, whenever trying something new you must, at times, proceed with caution. When wearing any trend, the best rule is to wear no more than two at a time at most, depending on what it may be. Wearing too many trends at once can overwhelm your look and make it appear as if the clothes are wearing you and nobody wants that. It also best to stick to trends in the form of an accessory, such as studded heels (gorgeous) or a hot pink handbag, to allow them to compliment your clothes. Now, this does not mean you cannot pick up that mini sequined dress a la Balmain, it just means that trends work best when they are worn in moderation, for a balanced outfit is always the best outfit. 

10) Thou Shall Work Hard If Thee Desires to Werk (It) in the Fashion Industry

I personally have had quite a bit of experience in the fashion industry. For the two years I was in fashion school I volunteered, worked in retail as well as interned and let me tell you, it was not always easy. I had a lot of late night sewing sessions and early morning buying lectures but in all honesty I enjoyed everything minute of it. I realized that if I wanted anything in life I had to work for it and work hard. As much as some of us may wish, nothing will not just fall in your lap, you must earn it. If you are an aspiring fashionista, do your research. Make sure your know designers, editors, models, photographers, etc. Attend industry events and volunteer to gain contacts to help build up your resume. It is a hard latter to climb, but once you reach the top it is all worth it!

So there you have it Amanda's Fashion Spot readers, the culmination of The Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in-Between. Anytime any of you are having any fashion troubles, be sure to print it out and read it over for a little guidance. If any of you have any fashions tips or tricks, feel free to share in the comments section. If anyone has any fashion-related questions contact me at: and I will be there to aid your fashion wound. 

Last but not least remember that fashion is meant to fun, so good out there read those magazines, watch some Fashion Television and start shopping!

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