Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in Between

And now, it is time for the third installment of The Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in-Between.

5) Thou Shall Not Be Discouraged by High-End Stores and Expensive Boutiques

Always keep an open mind while shopping because you never know what little gem you may be able to find. If price is an issue for you, don't be discouraged to visit a high-end boutique. Many stores have clearance sections and newsletters that verify you whenever they may be having a sale or special promotion. E-newsletters often send out printable coupons to be used in-store or online and magazines such as, Lou Lou often include coupons and list promotions occurring in lots of different boutiques. Also, if you have the extra money feel free to splurge on that item that makes you feel uh-mazing, you deserve it!

6) Thou Shall Wear Accessories in Proportion to Their Shape

Accessories to an outfit can be like the cherry on a sundae. They just add that certain je ne sais quoi. To make the most out of your precious accessories it is best to wear them in proportion to your shape. A very petite person can be overwhelmed by an oversized bag. If someone that has a very round face wears hoop earrings with a large bauble necklace, they may look 10 years younger but not in the best way. You get the drift?

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