Monday, August 3, 2009

The Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in Between

As a fashion graduate and writer, I am often approached with questions about fashion and style. Therefore, I thought it would be very helpful to Amanda's Fashion Spot readers, to have a fashion guide to assist them through their style journeys. 

Read on for the beginning of the Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in Between:

1) Thou shall dress for your body type

Whether you are pear-shaped, an apple, boyish or an hourglass, the best way to get the most out of your wardrobe and look like a million bucks is to wear clothes that flatter your shape. If a certain cut or trend looks great on one person it does not mean it will look great on you. As a general rule, 

-Pear-shapes emphasize your top half with colours and prints. Keep the bottom half darker.
-Apple shapes emphasize your bottom half with items such as, white or coloured pants. Keep the top half darker.
-Hourglass? Emphasize your waist, think belts.
- Have a boyish figure? Wear body-skimming cuts and create curves with strategically placed details

2) Thou shall wear colours that enhance their features

I always say, if a colour does not look good on you, then why wear it? It's always best to wear things that make you feel the most confident and flatter what the Lord gave you. As a general rule,

-If you have lighter features such as, blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, try pastels, light greys, bright blues, oranges and pinks.
-If you have medium features such as brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin, try jewel tones like raspberry shades, emerald green and cobalt blue.
-If you have red hair and freckles, try neutrals like olive green, browns and khakis. Pink, burgundy and teal shades look great on you.
-If you have darker skin, dark hair and eyes, bright colours are your best friend. 

Overall, everyone can pull off white, black and any colour as long as you find the right shade for you. When going shopping, experiment a little and look for colours that really make you pop!

Stay tuned for the remaining Top Ten Commandments of Fashion, Shopping and Everything in Between!

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