Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maybe by Sarah Catalfo: Spending the Day with Sarah Catalfo

As I with Sarah in her sewing studio catching up on all the exciting things going on in our lives we begin discuss all the things that has inspired her as a designer, what is behind the name Maybe and her latest fashion show, Bandits in Bows. 

Sarah Catalfo, George Brown College graduate, ambitious creator and fashion designer. After learning how to sew from her mother at the age of 14 she knew that the treasured past time was more than just a hobby. "My mother was the one that taught me but I soon began teaching myself and soon I was teaching her!" Catalfo says. During the year of her sweet sixteen, Catalfo began making clothes for friends and family and it was high school when she had her first fashion show. 

After her line had its first taste of the runway she knew that she needed something to identify it with, a name that was memorable and Maybe was it. "I thought Maybe was cute and suited everything I wanted for my line. Coyness, feminine and flirty. It's makes you think of possibilities and it's a memorable trademark. I want to be memorable." says the high-achieving designer. Catalfo describes the Maybe girl as, "humble yet self absorbed. She likes things that define her own style and she likes to be seen. She's someone who is less concerned about trends and brands." As for her ideal model, listen up ladies, "someone who likes to express individuality through her fashion."

Catalfo will have no trouble making a place for herself in the fashion industry. Her clothes often include bright contrasting colours, textures such as, lace, appliques and even seashells which were used for her last fashion show inspired by a recent trip to Cuba. Catalfo has had quite a bit of success in her design career with her most memorable moment being the 2009 Juno Awards where singer, Lights wore on of her dresses. "I just wanted to to bask in the feeling of that moment. It made all my hard work pay off. Not a lot of people get to experience and savour the moment." Catalfo says she would also like to worth with other celebrities such as Gossip Girl's, Taylor Momsen, Miss Canada and Peaches. "I like working with musicians their musical inspirations inspire me."

Catalfo is currently is working on her much-anticipated 2009 collection "Bandits in Bows" which debuts tonight at the Rivoli on Queen Street West. The Catwoman meets Jessica Rabbit fashion show that is expected to have bodysuit clad models with R&B performer Lauren Elle is just the beginning of this designer's successful career. In ten years she plans to expand into menswear, internationally and beyond. With Catalfo's ambition I have no doubt she will be able to just that and more!

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