Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Significant Moments Marked by a Dress: My Graduation from George Brown College

Prom, Sweet Sixteen, Semi-formals, Graduation and Weddings, all significant moments in every girl's life that is in most cases symbolized by a dress.
I have always been a dress girl. I remember being twelve years old and going shopping for my grade six graduation dress with my grandparents and mother. I chose a powder blue embroidered skirt and matching twinset. I felt very stylish. For my high school prom, I got the opportunity to wear a fancy dress. I was so happy. I loved (and still love) using any excuse to wear a pretty dress and no matter what it had to purple. I went on my search and was able to find a royal purple, satin dress with an interesting neck detail that dated it about 30 years. I looked like I was attending a prom from 1974 and not in a good way. Ever since then, I decided that whatever opportunity I had to celebrate a monumental time in my life, I must wear a beautiful dress. I feel that dressing up for such a significant occasion is very important, for it is a visual representation of that experience in your life.

Fast forward about 5 years and I am about to graduate from my fashion program, Fashion Business Industry, at George Brown College. Boy, does that feel good! I really enjoyed my time at George Brown for I was finally able to learn about all the ins and outs of the fashion industry. From sewing to pattern drafting to marketing to sourcing I have gained so much from my experience there and it wasn't always easy. That program was a lot hard work, late nights and stressful group assignments but all in all, it was definitely a very valuable learning experience. I learned more about the fashion industry than I could ever imagine in two years, had many excelllent teachers and met some great friends. When it came time for graduation I was relieved, excited and ready to embark on my future in the fashion world but before I could do that I had to find the right dress!

Since my horrifying prom dress experience, I knew that this time I had to ensure that I did all that I could to find the right dress. After browsing at a few stores I was unable to find what I wanted, a gorgeous silk colourful maxi dress, and decided that if I really wanted the right dress I had to get it made. Here comes in Andrea Whitehead, an International Academy of Design fashion design grad and employee at my internship with the Romona Keveza Collection. Andrea who makes custom eveningwear dresses seemed like the perfect person to make my grad dress and after she agreed to making it, I was so excited!
The very next day we began brainstorming different styles for my dress and compared our sketches. Finally, we were able to find a happy medium and soon began our search for the perfect fabric. We browsed along Queen Street West and visited every fabric store imaginable, King's Textiles, Leo's Textiles and the list goes on. When visiting one particular store I spotted the perfect fabric for my dress. It was a beautiful green, white and purple paisley print set against a deep, rich blue. It was a gorgeous silk charmeuse and absolutely perfect! I had to have it! I finally felt like my pretty dress dreams were coming true.

After I purchased the fabric, Andrea took my measurements and went on her way to begin making my dress. I anxiously waited for my first fitting and happily dreamed of myself walking to accept my diploma looking like a goddess in my beautiful dress. At my fitting, everything went perfectly. The dress fit wonderfully and Andrea added beautiful braided straps that crissed-crossed in the back and added a lovely purple cummerbund. I could not wait to wear my dress!

It is now time for my graduation and I am so excited. I feel so proud of myself for all that I have accomplished during my time at George Brown College and I have the perfect dress to compliment my current state of happiness. As I greet all my fellow graduates, I feel that not only am I graduating from school but I am also embarking on a new exciting chapter in my life as a fashion writer. Luck for me, I have the perfect dress to compliment what a satisfying feeling that is.
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