Monday, July 20, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A Review of Flashback

On a recent shopping with my mother we were in need of something unique and slightly formal. I decided to take her to Toronto's Kensington Market to give her a tour of the T.O.'s vintage clothing capital. We strolled down the narrow streets in the summer sun and stumbled upon Flashback.

As we walked, in we were instantly surrounded by tons and tons of gorgeous leather, vintage handbags (my favourite) whose origins spanned a number of decades. Surrounding the cash desk were cute belts and printed scarves cleverly placed in a vintage stroller. The accessories were tempting but we were on a mission for the perfect outfit for our upcoming special occasion. Towards the back you can find a number a printed '60's shift dresses, gold brocade dresses, fuller flared skirts and the list goes on.

My mother found a few clothing items to try on and happily sat in the big velvety couch chair located in the middle of the store ready to voice my opinion of each outfit Nina Garcia style. Each outfit looked great. My favourites were a pink floral dress with a scoop neckline and a printed fuller flared skirt reminiscent on 1950's Cuba. The lovely sales associate was very helpful always suggesting different outfits and reminded me of Alice Cullen with her short hair and pixie-like demeanor.

This was a successful shopping trip. I may not have ended up with anything but my mom sure did! It just goes to show you that in a cool, hip vintage store like Flashback there is a little something for everyone.


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