Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Necklaces and Bracelets and Charms oh my!: Smart Sass Designs by Eunice Tan

Jewellery. It is the icing on any outfit. It is what can make a seemingly plain outfit into something marvelous. It can also turn a seemingly stylish outfit into fashion roadkill.

This past Saturday I happened to be strolling down St. Clair Avenue West and came across the WychCraft Market, a weekly market featuring hand made and unique creations by Ontario's artisans. In the past, they have featured vintage clothing from Vanessa Pinkas and cute accessories by Camille Stone, but this time they had jewellery by Smart Sass Designs by Eunice Tan.

Her delicate yet ethnic inspired accessories are ideal for any fashionista with an eclectic taste or a lover of all things unique. Some of my favourite pieces were a gold chain necklace with a pink flower charm surrounded by beads and a silver chain necklace with a skull charm and purple jewels. Being inspired by everyday items, Eunice has created earrings out of chopsticks. Each of her intricately designed pieces have interesting names like, Royal Romance Bangle, Spider Choker and Ice Queen.

If you are ever in the market for jewellery that is eclectic, delicate and eco-friendly then check out http://www.smartsass.etsy.com/ where you can find Smart Sass Designs with a price range of $12-18.

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