Monday, July 6, 2009

Mona Lisa Smile: Raiding my Auntie's Closet

My mother and I are visiting my lovely aunt (which I will refer to as Mona Lisa) and doing something I always remember doing, "shopping" in her closet. Today, Mona Lisa is showing some of her latest beautiful clothing finds. A silky red and white polka dot blouse that would look great on any fashionable lady, a white Chanel-inspired handbag and corkscrew wedges. Mona Lisa is very happy to show us her newly renovated closet lined with inspiring fashion looks. My mother and I are also excited because (at the time) we have an exciting trip to New York City coming up and generous Mona Lisa is always very giving. At this shopping trip, I get a beautiful pink floral bracelet and my mother receives the silky red and white polka dot blouse I mentioned. That was a good shopping trip.

I have always loved watching Mona Lisa happily show my mother, my other aunt, my grandmother and myself all her beautiful items, for she would always do it with a smile. Her enthusiasm and knowledge reminded me of one of those ultra stylish saleswomen in Holt Renfrew that you always wish you could be like when you grew up. When I was little, I used to go into Mona Lisa's room and love what was around me. Her dressers were filled with bottles of perfume, cosmetics, beautiful jewellery and sweet mementos, her room always smelt fresh with a whiff of sweet perfume and her collection of clothes was everlasting. (In fact it was so big that she had two!)

Mona Lisa's interest in fashion began when she was a just a little girl, where she would lie on the floor and watch her grandmother, who was a seamstress, sew. Her grandmother's fashion sense passed down onto her and Mona Lisa still has a crotchet jacket and gorgeous Chinese silk jacket (in impeccable condition) that was given to her by her grandmother in the 1960's. It was from a young age that Mona Lisa learned so many of her fashion tips, that still ring true today. Among them were: always buy quality items because it will last forever, if you ever see something you love buy it because you may never see it again and always value style over brand. The last rule Mona Lisa has definitely always stayed true to. She mixed high and low pieces before it was ever in style. Mona Lisa can always find items in Winners, Holt Renfrew, The Bay, vintage stores, Victoria's Secret and even the dollar store! No matter where Mona Lisa has found her items they have all been beautiful, special and glamorous.

Some of my favourite shopping trips to Mona Lisa's closet include when I received a black and white polka-dot halter dress that is very Marilyn Monroe, when I got a black Chanel-inspired handbag (which I love and wear everywhere!) and when I got a rectangular emerald green suede purse. Whenever my mother or other aunt need a new item for any special event they never forget to stop by Mona Lisa's closet and each "shopping" trip is never a disappointment. One time when my mother went, she was able to borrow a black sequined blouse that was to die for!

As I write this I feel so lucky to have such a stylish aunt that I can always gain fashion inspiration from. It is even more inspiring to always see her so enthusiastically talk about her beautiful pieces and never without a Mona Lisa smile.

Do you have an individual in your life that you have found inspired your own fashion choices?

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