Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! Celebrate your country's birthday in style

Many people find wearing your country's colours to be a little tacky or corny but personally I find it lots of fun! I love the holidays and any excuse to have fun with fashion (don't get me started on Hallowe'en). Today is Canada Day and I thought what better way to show this amazing country some love than wearing it's colours. Ready on for some helpful tips to wave your patriotic flag with style!

I find the best way to mix to solid colours, is to do it with a print. Gingham is great because it is classic, vintage-looking and a fresh alternative to plaid. Just look at the fitted button-up from H&M towards the top of the article or full skirted Michael Kors Spring 2009 dress to the right. These are both great ways to incorporate a little patriotic style at the barbeque.
Flower Power
If you plan on spending your Canada Day by the pool, why not try wearing a floral printed bathing suit? The vintage red and white style of the Jessica Simpson Collection swimsuit above, looks great with a large white sun hat or red pashmina to cozy up while watching the fireworks.
Red meets White
Luckily, Canada Day is right at the cusp of the summer, which means you have more options to wear different types of clothing. For example, you can pair white pants with a vertical striped blouse or like the photo above, cute white shorts with a gingham button-up.
Pierre Elliot Trudon't
The best way not to look like your great Aunt Joyce from the retirement home, is to never, ever wear the following items: a gigantic tent like t-shirt with a large red maple leaf (believe me, this is flattering for no one) and maple leaf monogrammed anything. Also, don't wear shorts with a top, hat and shoes whilst carrying a Canadian flag that all say Canada at once. Like any trend, it is important to have balance with strategically placed colours, prints and a good 'ole maple leaf. Take a look at the DSquared maple leaf high heels. Dean and Dan take their Canadian pride and turn into stylish stiletto.

So remember ladies and gentleman, when going out tonight remember to show your patriotism and to always do it with style!
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