Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone Loves a Clothing Swap Part Deux!

Alright you recessionistas, here comes another exciting clothing swap!

On Saturday, August 15, 2009 from 12-4pm at St. Stephens-in-the-Fields Church on 103 Bellevue Ave. at College there will be a fun clothing swap. Admission for women is $8 with 5 unwanted, clean clothing items with additional unswapped clothing being donated to various charities.

This clothing swap will also have yummy food, door prizes, workshops and on-site alterations. For more information on this exciting clothing event email,


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photo of the Day

Lily Allen strikes a pose Audrey Hepburn-style in these new advertisements for Chanel's new handbag line. I love the classic fashion inspiration.


The Fall Clothing Show Needs Volunteers

Toronto's weekend shopping event, The Clothing Show is looking for volunteers. The organization that has been going on for over 30 years and has over 300 booths selling clothing from vintage, boutique, streetwear, accessories and sample sales. There is also a Century of Fashion competiton display with collectors bringing in their best quality vinatge pieces to accurately represent each decade of the 20th century. Fashion shows will be occuring throughout the weekend and there will be a fashion photography contest.

The event will be taking place September 25, 26 and 27 2009 at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place. The organizers are currently looking for local designers, runway models, dressers, ushers and runway/backstage staff.

If you are looking for more experience in the fashion industry and this event interests you, then email Alison McEvoy at

If you would like to purchase tickets follow this link,


Psychology, Sociology and Anthropologie: Yorkville's Latest Lifestyle

Ahhh I am in love! I just love a lifestyle a store. I love being able to find so many wonderful items all under one well-decorated roof, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the American lifestyle store, Anthropologie.

I first discovered the eclectic, home-y, vintage store on a trip to New York City and I fell in love. Filled with books, beautiful clothes and lovely scented candles I knew that a store like this needed to be in Canada and now it is. Smack dab in the middle of swanky Yorkville, welcome Anthropologie.

As you first walk in, you are welcomed by the sweet scents of its many candles, perfumes and soaps. They also sell kitchenware (think colourful printed plates and mugs) , crystal doorknobs and books such as, The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Chrisitian Dior.

Most importantly, Anthropologie sells clothes, lots and lots of beautiful clothes. The type of clothes that you can picture yourself wearing in a beautiful garden or sipping coffee at Starbucks. It was prints galore with colourful silk and jersey dresses. Thin and thick knit sweaters had me imagining my fall wardrobe along with the pleated high waisted skirts.

I absolutely love this store for it is so inspiring. There is something new and exciting everywhere you turn and it is the perfect place to get lost and shop on a rainy day. In need of a few new things? Head over to 80 Yorkville and start exploring.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

"There is no such thing as ugly women, only lazy ones"

-Helena Rubinstein


Frugal Fashion Week: Fashion Show!

The Social was the name and a fashion show was the game!

Frugal Fashion Week continued with an exciting bar top fashion show in West Queen West's trendy club, The Social. Models strutted their stuff on the unconventional runway wearing clothes from 69 Vintage. Wide brimmed sun hats were worn by nearly every model, complimented each look from a gold metallic caftan to a brown tied shirt with white shorts.

A personal favourite of mine was a satin bodice top with a sweetheart neckline worn with high waisted linen Bermuda pants and a wide brimmed hat. The look was topped off with vintage glasses and evoked the stylish glamour of the 1950's.

Accompanying the fashion show was a Midnight Madness Sale at 69 Vintage, which was filled with leather jackets, sequined tops, floral dresses and cool shades.

Frugal Fashion Week was an experience to remember. It was all about giving back, saving money and enjoying some lovely fashion. I can't wait for the next one!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo of the Day

Glamorous, classic and effortlessly chic. What more can be said?


Behind-the-Scenes: Bandits in Bows presented by Maybe by Sarah Catalfo!

You are in dark alley and it's a quarter past midnight.

A cat is purring loudly and it is beginning to sound like a roar.

You look down at yourself and what are you wearing?

You will have to find that out on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at The Rivoli when you visit the Fall 2009 Collection by Maybe by Sarah Catalfo, entitled "Bandits in Bows".

If you would like further information regarding the guestlist or how to purchase tickets, feel free to email me at with the subject line, "Bandits in Bows".


Old book + Fabric - Pages = Pocket Books by Noelle Hamlyn

Have you ever been in search of the perfect book bag? Well, look no further because pocket books are here.

Created by textile artist, Noelle Hamlyn pocket books are small handbags created by vintage books. After removing the pages of household books such as Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and Tin Tin, Noelle replaces the pages with vintage fabrics linings and recycled belt straps that are used as handles.

Each fabric lining is specially chosen to fit the feeling of each book and the belt straps convert from over-the-shoulder to across the chest. These bags are the perfect accessory for a night at the movies or a visit to the museum. If you are interested in learning more about Hamlyn's unique purses, visit her website at

Pocket books are relatively easy to make and if you are ever interested in making one yourself check out this link,


Frugal Fashion Week Media Launch Party!

It may be have been a steamy evening on the launch of Toronto's first-ever Frugal Fashion Week, but that did not stop the industry, media and local shoppers from celebrating an event that is all about supporting local businesses.
Held at Chasse Gardee on 1084 Queen Street West the event was kicked off with socializing, sipping Vitamin Water and dining on some good ole' Canadian poutine. Attracting advocates for small businesses and entrprenueurs, Chasse Gardee offered 50 to 80% off their regular priced shoes all for a bid to bring recessionistas and the local community together. Owner Daniela Bosco is no stranger to giving back, with a community service background her store has been know to hosting clothing swaps with the additional clothing going to charity. Her number one tip for being a frugal fashionista? "Whatever you buy (make sure) it is something that you will wear forever".

The underlying theme of the event was all about giving back to local businesses and celebrating your love of fashion on a dime. Founder of Frugal Fashion Week and creator of B.Skin Bath and Beauty, Gillian Downes found her inspiration for the event to be the poor economy and lack of attention for small businesses. For her, Frugal Fashion Week is all about supporting your city and giving back to the community. In fact, proceeds of the fashionable event go to Windfall, Canada's new clothing bank. Fashion after all, is not only about creative expression, it is also about supporting young design talent and small businesses. By doing that, you will also be benefitting the economy and help bring entreprenuers the kind of business they deserve.

Downes feels that it is important to show some love for all levels of retail, "buy an expensive pair of shoes, but save on a basic t-shirt" she says. With high hopes for Frugal Fashion Week including expansions in Hamilton, Windsor and even Athens, Greece, I have no doubt that wherever she goes the event will be nothing but a success.

Make sure to check out the official launch party tonight at West Queen West's, The Social. Enjoy a bar top fashion show and midnight madness sale at 69 Vintage. Doors open at 8pm with a $5 admission. Click here to RSVP


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Necklaces and Bracelets and Charms oh my!: Smart Sass Designs by Eunice Tan

Jewellery. It is the icing on any outfit. It is what can make a seemingly plain outfit into something marvelous. It can also turn a seemingly stylish outfit into fashion roadkill.

This past Saturday I happened to be strolling down St. Clair Avenue West and came across the WychCraft Market, a weekly market featuring hand made and unique creations by Ontario's artisans. In the past, they have featured vintage clothing from Vanessa Pinkas and cute accessories by Camille Stone, but this time they had jewellery by Smart Sass Designs by Eunice Tan.

Her delicate yet ethnic inspired accessories are ideal for any fashionista with an eclectic taste or a lover of all things unique. Some of my favourite pieces were a gold chain necklace with a pink flower charm surrounded by beads and a silver chain necklace with a skull charm and purple jewels. Being inspired by everyday items, Eunice has created earrings out of chopsticks. Each of her intricately designed pieces have interesting names like, Royal Romance Bangle, Spider Choker and Ice Queen.

If you are ever in the market for jewellery that is eclectic, delicate and eco-friendly then check out where you can find Smart Sass Designs with a price range of $12-18.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Photo of the Day

Don't you just love when a new issue of magazine comes out? Isn't is so exciting? I love the cover of the new issue of Flare Magazine. Katy Perry looks radiant, fresh and beautiful wearing Emilio Pucci and necklaces by Gemma Redux.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A Review of Flashback

On a recent shopping with my mother we were in need of something unique and slightly formal. I decided to take her to Toronto's Kensington Market to give her a tour of the T.O.'s vintage clothing capital. We strolled down the narrow streets in the summer sun and stumbled upon Flashback.

As we walked, in we were instantly surrounded by tons and tons of gorgeous leather, vintage handbags (my favourite) whose origins spanned a number of decades. Surrounding the cash desk were cute belts and printed scarves cleverly placed in a vintage stroller. The accessories were tempting but we were on a mission for the perfect outfit for our upcoming special occasion. Towards the back you can find a number a printed '60's shift dresses, gold brocade dresses, fuller flared skirts and the list goes on.

My mother found a few clothing items to try on and happily sat in the big velvety couch chair located in the middle of the store ready to voice my opinion of each outfit Nina Garcia style. Each outfit looked great. My favourites were a pink floral dress with a scoop neckline and a printed fuller flared skirt reminiscent on 1950's Cuba. The lovely sales associate was very helpful always suggesting different outfits and reminded me of Alice Cullen with her short hair and pixie-like demeanor.

This was a successful shopping trip. I may not have ended up with anything but my mom sure did! It just goes to show you that in a cool, hip vintage store like Flashback there is a little something for everyone.


Portobello East Debuts its First Ever Fashion + Art Market

Starting this July 26th from noon to 6pm and every Sunday until December, Toronto's Distillery District will be hosting Canada's east coast first ever Portobello East Fashion + Art Market.

This event has been held in Vancouver and Calgary for several years and now welcomes itself to the T.O. Portobello East fashion version of a farmer's market selling unique pieces by local fashion designers, jewellery designers and artisans.

Be sure to stop by and pick up a piece to add to your wardrobe or art collection provided by the creations of the over 80 designers that are present every Sunday. Admission to the markte is $5 and free for children under 12.

Visit for more details.


Win a Diane Von Furstenberg Fall Wardrobe!

Although you are still enjoying the lovely summer that is a whole different story in the retail world. Most stores are already presenting their fall collections and it has me daydreaming about my fall wardrobe, which is why this is the perfect time to enter this fabulous contest to a Diane Von Furstenberg fall wardrobe!

Click on the following link and you will connected to the DVF-Diane Von Furstenberg Facebook Fan Page to enter the exciting contest.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project Runway Preview!

If you are as excited about the upcoming season of Project Runway USA as I am, then check out this preview by clicking the link below!



Friday, July 17, 2009

Canadian Fashion Photography:

Have you ever wished there was one source where you could find information on all the fashion events happening in Toronto?
What if that source included loads of photographs you could view so it felt like you have experienced some of these events first hand.

Well, ladies and gentleman here is your chance! provided a photographic look at the most exciting fashion events occuring in the GTA. They also provide a helpful list of any upcoming events going on in the fashion industry that you can mark on your calendars!


Photo(s) of the Day

Selma Blair looks stunning in these looks by Versace. The colours are radiant and she exudes a glamorous sophistication. Bravo!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

LIV by Au Lit: A Step Inside A Beautiful Lifestyle

Step inside big french doors and look around you. First you are greeted by soft beige and yelllow, plush fabrics and sparkling chandeliers. As you turn to your left you are greeted by casual boho dresses and tops by Dagg and Stacey, Lucy Love and JWLA. The clothing is so soft and pretty it makes you want to prance in a beautiful field whilst blowing bubbles and admiring the bright sun. As you continue to look around you see vintage bed frames and nightstands. Gold trimmed tea sets and books called My Flea Market Finds. Where am I? You may begin asking yourself. You are at no other than LIV by Au Lit, a lifestyle store located on 418 Eglinton Avenue West.

LIV by Au Lit, run by Joanna Goodman is the sister store to Au Lit Fine Linens which is run by her mother Peggy Byron. It focuses on combining clothing, jewellery and home accessories to bring to you what they promise is "the lifestyle you can't resist". LIV by Au Lit has a welcoming and serene feeling that makes you want to cozy up with a good book. It has a free form layout that draws you throughout the store's exceptional displays that are reminiscent of the perfect bedroom. LIV by Au Lit is not only a picturesque store for girlie girls everywhere, it is also a supporter of Canadian designers and benefiting Breast Cancer awareness. 100% of the proceeds of all their in-store events go to Breast Cancer awareness including all the sales of a sumptuous pink robe made of organic cotton.

If you are ever in the mood to venture off into to a store fit for the Aphrodite in all of us, then LIV by Au Lit is the store for you. For more information, visit their website:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Behind-the-Scenes: Bandits in Bows presented by Maybe by Sarah Catalfo!

Alright, as official reporter for the highly anticipated fashion show presented by Maybe by Sarah Catalfo, "Bandits in Bows" coming up I am hear to report that things are going smoothly.

The team is about to compile the guestlist and begin inviting all the fabulous members of the fashion industry. The samples are looking gorgeous and the dates are confirmed.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes information on Maybe by Sarah Catalfo presents "Bandits in Bows"!


Shopping along the Eglinton Way!

On a morning stroll yesterday I decided to venture to Yonge and Eglinton, an area that I normally visit when wanting to watch a movie or go to the Pickel Barrel but this time it is for what I love the most shopping!

I was on a mission to find some of fabulous New York designer, Yumi Kim's pieces and found my way first into TNT, then TNT Gallerie and finally TNT Blu. When I first walked into the spacious and minimal store, (TNT that is) I was first taken aback by their collection of white pants and bright colourful tops by Theory. As I continued to browse throughout the store I found some beautiful pieces by Philip Lim including a Chanel-inspired crochet jacket and brown evening top with a gold chain neckline. It was interesting indeed, however I was unable to find me some Yumi Kim. It was then that the sales associate directed me to TNT Blu but before I venture there, I stopped by TNT Gallerie next door.

TNT Gallerie looks like, you guessed it! An art gallery. Continuing with the minimal theme of the store, the clothes beautifully stood out. What I loved there was a to die for leather bomber jacket by Vogue/CFDA recipient, Alexander Wang. This was the type of jacket that makes coun the days down the fall. I also loved a fuschia cocktail dress with feather trim by Badgley Mischka. Now I was on my way to TNT Blu. At this location I was able to find Yumi Kim and admired the beautiful floral printed kimono tops. I also spotted a few cute maxis dresses and lots of studded Balmain-esqe jean vests and jackets.

I also spotted a cute sewing workshop for all you aspiring sewers out there! It is called Sew Be It and they have sewing workshops during throughout the year including bra making DIY swimsuit. This studio is geared towards the younger fashion set, think tweens and teens with a Fashion Design Program for Teens. It's great for any teenager who is aspiring to enter the fashion world and I am all for that! For more information visit:

Do you have a favourite place to shop in Toronto? If so, where?


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canada's Next Top Model Has a Winner!

Congratulations to Canada's Next Top Model Cycle 3 winner, Winnipeg native Meghan Waller!

The blonde beauty won the modelling competition after a fierce battle where she had to strike a pose, strut down the catwalk and travel to New York City.

Best wishes Meghan! We look forward to seeing you on the cover of FASHION Magazine and showing what you got at fashion week!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day

Oh how I love colourful summery dresses! Which is why I felt compelled to post these beautiful looks from Diane Von Furstenburg's Spring 2009 show. The whole casual, urban, boho girly look is so my thing.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frugal Fashion Week!

Alright everyone, there is a recession, there is a garbage strike and unfortunately it has not been much of a summer weather-wise. Which is why that is the perfect reason to attend this month's first-ever Frugal Fashion Week!

Running July 23rd to July 26th events include, a launch event, a silent auction, brunch, shopping and of course fashion shows! Each event will be taking place along Queen Street West at locations such as, the hip, trendy Drake Hotel, The Social and Chasse Gardee.Proceeds for the event will benefit Canadian clothing bank, Windfall.

To RSVP for the exciting event and support Canadian fashion, visit: and for more information about the entire fabulos event, visit:

And remember to always celebrate Canadian fashion in style!


Bayview Village Sidewalk Sale!

Mark your calendars and get thee to Bayview Village between July 15th and July 19th to enjoy their exciting, From the Catwalk to the Sidewalk Sale!

Capezio, Geox, Belle de Provence and Mendocino will all have their merchandise on sale and if you spend $100 or more at any of the participating retailers you will receive a free 3-month subscription to Flare Magazine!

How cool is that?!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Significant Moments Marked by a Dress: My Graduation from George Brown College

Prom, Sweet Sixteen, Semi-formals, Graduation and Weddings, all significant moments in every girl's life that is in most cases symbolized by a dress.
I have always been a dress girl. I remember being twelve years old and going shopping for my grade six graduation dress with my grandparents and mother. I chose a powder blue embroidered skirt and matching twinset. I felt very stylish. For my high school prom, I got the opportunity to wear a fancy dress. I was so happy. I loved (and still love) using any excuse to wear a pretty dress and no matter what it had to purple. I went on my search and was able to find a royal purple, satin dress with an interesting neck detail that dated it about 30 years. I looked like I was attending a prom from 1974 and not in a good way. Ever since then, I decided that whatever opportunity I had to celebrate a monumental time in my life, I must wear a beautiful dress. I feel that dressing up for such a significant occasion is very important, for it is a visual representation of that experience in your life.

Fast forward about 5 years and I am about to graduate from my fashion program, Fashion Business Industry, at George Brown College. Boy, does that feel good! I really enjoyed my time at George Brown for I was finally able to learn about all the ins and outs of the fashion industry. From sewing to pattern drafting to marketing to sourcing I have gained so much from my experience there and it wasn't always easy. That program was a lot hard work, late nights and stressful group assignments but all in all, it was definitely a very valuable learning experience. I learned more about the fashion industry than I could ever imagine in two years, had many excelllent teachers and met some great friends. When it came time for graduation I was relieved, excited and ready to embark on my future in the fashion world but before I could do that I had to find the right dress!

Since my horrifying prom dress experience, I knew that this time I had to ensure that I did all that I could to find the right dress. After browsing at a few stores I was unable to find what I wanted, a gorgeous silk colourful maxi dress, and decided that if I really wanted the right dress I had to get it made. Here comes in Andrea Whitehead, an International Academy of Design fashion design grad and employee at my internship with the Romona Keveza Collection. Andrea who makes custom eveningwear dresses seemed like the perfect person to make my grad dress and after she agreed to making it, I was so excited!
The very next day we began brainstorming different styles for my dress and compared our sketches. Finally, we were able to find a happy medium and soon began our search for the perfect fabric. We browsed along Queen Street West and visited every fabric store imaginable, King's Textiles, Leo's Textiles and the list goes on. When visiting one particular store I spotted the perfect fabric for my dress. It was a beautiful green, white and purple paisley print set against a deep, rich blue. It was a gorgeous silk charmeuse and absolutely perfect! I had to have it! I finally felt like my pretty dress dreams were coming true.

After I purchased the fabric, Andrea took my measurements and went on her way to begin making my dress. I anxiously waited for my first fitting and happily dreamed of myself walking to accept my diploma looking like a goddess in my beautiful dress. At my fitting, everything went perfectly. The dress fit wonderfully and Andrea added beautiful braided straps that crissed-crossed in the back and added a lovely purple cummerbund. I could not wait to wear my dress!

It is now time for my graduation and I am so excited. I feel so proud of myself for all that I have accomplished during my time at George Brown College and I have the perfect dress to compliment my current state of happiness. As I greet all my fellow graduates, I feel that not only am I graduating from school but I am also embarking on a new exciting chapter in my life as a fashion writer. Luck for me, I have the perfect dress to compliment what a satisfying feeling that is.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photo of the Day

This is another lovely red carpet look. Gwyneth Paltrow looks fit for a princess in one of my favourites, Ralph Lauren on Oscar night.

Everyone Loves a Clothing Swap!

Tomorrow at 6pm be sure to stop by 69 Vintage by the Pound, located at 1234 Bloor Street West in the basement.

Here is an excellent chance to swap your knick knacks, craft supplies, men's clothing and of course your slightly used clothing. If you have quality vintage that can be swapped for store merchandise.

Head over to Bloor Street West and swap away!


Canadian Designers now for sale on

Have you ever wanted a convenient way to purchase the most fabulous pieces from your favourite Canadian designers? Well, now you can!

As reported by, Toronto Street Fashion, is an affordable and reliable way for upcoming Canadian designers to launch an online boutique. For local Canadian designers that are looking for a new way to drive sales and recognition for their creations,, provides promotional services, custom web design and a fully functional shopping cart.

Now you have the opportunity to easily snatch up the lovely designs of Anastasia Lomonova, Birds of North America, House of Spy and more!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo of the Day

This is one of my favourite red carpet looks. Taken from the 2007 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, Cameron Diaz glows in Dior by John Galliano. Styled by Rachel Zoe, this look is still remembered as one of the most memorable red carpet looks.


Mona Lisa Smile: Raiding my Auntie's Closet

My mother and I are visiting my lovely aunt (which I will refer to as Mona Lisa) and doing something I always remember doing, "shopping" in her closet. Today, Mona Lisa is showing some of her latest beautiful clothing finds. A silky red and white polka dot blouse that would look great on any fashionable lady, a white Chanel-inspired handbag and corkscrew wedges. Mona Lisa is very happy to show us her newly renovated closet lined with inspiring fashion looks. My mother and I are also excited because (at the time) we have an exciting trip to New York City coming up and generous Mona Lisa is always very giving. At this shopping trip, I get a beautiful pink floral bracelet and my mother receives the silky red and white polka dot blouse I mentioned. That was a good shopping trip.

I have always loved watching Mona Lisa happily show my mother, my other aunt, my grandmother and myself all her beautiful items, for she would always do it with a smile. Her enthusiasm and knowledge reminded me of one of those ultra stylish saleswomen in Holt Renfrew that you always wish you could be like when you grew up. When I was little, I used to go into Mona Lisa's room and love what was around me. Her dressers were filled with bottles of perfume, cosmetics, beautiful jewellery and sweet mementos, her room always smelt fresh with a whiff of sweet perfume and her collection of clothes was everlasting. (In fact it was so big that she had two!)

Mona Lisa's interest in fashion began when she was a just a little girl, where she would lie on the floor and watch her grandmother, who was a seamstress, sew. Her grandmother's fashion sense passed down onto her and Mona Lisa still has a crotchet jacket and gorgeous Chinese silk jacket (in impeccable condition) that was given to her by her grandmother in the 1960's. It was from a young age that Mona Lisa learned so many of her fashion tips, that still ring true today. Among them were: always buy quality items because it will last forever, if you ever see something you love buy it because you may never see it again and always value style over brand. The last rule Mona Lisa has definitely always stayed true to. She mixed high and low pieces before it was ever in style. Mona Lisa can always find items in Winners, Holt Renfrew, The Bay, vintage stores, Victoria's Secret and even the dollar store! No matter where Mona Lisa has found her items they have all been beautiful, special and glamorous.

Some of my favourite shopping trips to Mona Lisa's closet include when I received a black and white polka-dot halter dress that is very Marilyn Monroe, when I got a black Chanel-inspired handbag (which I love and wear everywhere!) and when I got a rectangular emerald green suede purse. Whenever my mother or other aunt need a new item for any special event they never forget to stop by Mona Lisa's closet and each "shopping" trip is never a disappointment. One time when my mother went, she was able to borrow a black sequined blouse that was to die for!

As I write this I feel so lucky to have such a stylish aunt that I can always gain fashion inspiration from. It is even more inspiring to always see her so enthusiastically talk about her beautiful pieces and never without a Mona Lisa smile.

Do you have an individual in your life that you have found inspired your own fashion choices?


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clean-up shop and De-clutter your closet: How to Get Your Wardrobe and Closet Summer Ready

Alright, ladies and gentlemen it is officially summer and unfortunately for some of you, your closet if full of cable knit sweaters, thick thights and tall boots. Although those are all supercite, stylish pieces it is not exactly appropriate for the new warm and sunny season. If you are anything like me, you have a ton of great summery clothes and nowhere to put them because your closet is full of high school semi-formal dresses and velour tracksuits you haven't since your "sporty " phase in grade 10. So what is a fashionista (or fashionisto) supposed to do? Clean-up shop and de-clutter your closet!

1) What you first need to do is grab some garbage bags to place all your discarded items. When throwing out old clothes the rule that I always use is: if you haven't worn it in the past 3 months, you probably never will. That imspulse purchase you got on clearance for $5 and never wore? Chuck it. Believe me you will feel uh-mazing once you have rid yourself of all the clothes you haven't worn in two years.

2) Now that you have discarded all of your old items, what do you do with them? Here are three great ideas:

-Donate them to charity. Many charitable organizations will actually call your home and offer to pick up old used clothes and other non-perishable items such as, shoes and handbags.
-Have a clothing swap! Gather all your friends and family and tell them to each bring a few clothing items they were thinking of getting rid of. You never know what you may you find and it is a great to get together and catch up. After all, on person's trash is another person's treasure.

-Sell them! You can sell old clothes and accessories at various consignment shops or you can organize a yard sale. My neighborhood has an annual one and it's a great way to make a profit off of that old Guess? purse you haven't used since you were 15.

3) Now that you have rid yourself of last years trendiest and most outdated pieces, it is time to organize! This is usually my favourite part because I am able to know exactly where all my favourite pieces are and I realize that despite the four bags worth of items I have just gotten rid of, I actually have quite a number of cute pieces. When organizing my clothes and accessories, I like to colour code them. I find it makes it easier to find the piece that you are looking for when rushing to get out of the door. Look at the above photos for inspiration. When going through your closet, it's a good idea to place dresses with dress, skirts with skirts, pants with pants, etc.
Ahhhhhhhh! Doesn't it feel good to have a neat and organized closet, where you can select your items with ease? Now you can easily spot your favourite items, because they are no longer buried under your old bedazzled rhinstone tank top that says, French Kiss. Enjoy your de-cluttered closet and next time you go shopping remember to buy items that you absolutely love, not just because they are on sale.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson is Also an Icon of Fashion

Although I have never been a huge Michael Jackson fan, whether you loved him or hated him, no can deny his influence on the music industry and fashion.

Ever since a young child singing, "Ohh baby give me one more chance....." Michael has expressed his taste for flashy, colourful clothing. From his colour co-ordinated suits worn during the days of Jackson 5 to the red hot leather jacket of the Thriller era, MJ has no doubt been an icon of music and fashion. With that said, here is a tribute to the King of Pop, may he rest in peace.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! Celebrate your country's birthday in style

Many people find wearing your country's colours to be a little tacky or corny but personally I find it lots of fun! I love the holidays and any excuse to have fun with fashion (don't get me started on Hallowe'en). Today is Canada Day and I thought what better way to show this amazing country some love than wearing it's colours. Ready on for some helpful tips to wave your patriotic flag with style!

I find the best way to mix to solid colours, is to do it with a print. Gingham is great because it is classic, vintage-looking and a fresh alternative to plaid. Just look at the fitted button-up from H&M towards the top of the article or full skirted Michael Kors Spring 2009 dress to the right. These are both great ways to incorporate a little patriotic style at the barbeque.
Flower Power
If you plan on spending your Canada Day by the pool, why not try wearing a floral printed bathing suit? The vintage red and white style of the Jessica Simpson Collection swimsuit above, looks great with a large white sun hat or red pashmina to cozy up while watching the fireworks.
Red meets White
Luckily, Canada Day is right at the cusp of the summer, which means you have more options to wear different types of clothing. For example, you can pair white pants with a vertical striped blouse or like the photo above, cute white shorts with a gingham button-up.
Pierre Elliot Trudon't
The best way not to look like your great Aunt Joyce from the retirement home, is to never, ever wear the following items: a gigantic tent like t-shirt with a large red maple leaf (believe me, this is flattering for no one) and maple leaf monogrammed anything. Also, don't wear shorts with a top, hat and shoes whilst carrying a Canadian flag that all say Canada at once. Like any trend, it is important to have balance with strategically placed colours, prints and a good 'ole maple leaf. Take a look at the DSquared maple leaf high heels. Dean and Dan take their Canadian pride and turn into stylish stiletto.

So remember ladies and gentleman, when going out tonight remember to show your patriotism and to always do it with style!