Monday, May 11, 2009

Rant of the Day: America's Next Top Model

As we all know America's Next Top Model has been around for 12 seasons and despite the lack of public and professional success of the majority of the winners and contestants, the show is still going strong. No one can really deny what the popular television show has done for many young girls and aspiring models. Hell! There was even a riot at the auditions among the model hopefuls of the upcoming season.

Tyra and Co. have done more than just mould your everyday girl into a potential supermodel, they also focus on each contestants personal struggles and adversities that many of them have faced in their daily life and even more so on the television show. One season had contestant, Heather who had a rare form of autism, cycle 3 had Amanda who was legally blind and most recently, Tahlia who had third degree burns on the majority of her body.

By casting these girls, Tyra has shown that no matter what differences may set each of us apart to never let anything get in the way of your dream and this brings me to the premise of the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model, which will only cast potential models who are 5 ft. 7 inches or shorter. All I can say is, What The Fluff?

As an individual who is 5ft. 5 inches myself, I find this idea ridiculous! Within the fashion industry of the western world, please tell me where there is a market for models under 5ft. 7 inches? When people think of shorter models, they often bring up supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss but like every rule there are exceptions and she is IT! The cycle 3 winner of America's Next Top Model, Eva Pigford was 5ft. 7 inches and don't get me wrong I was rooting for her all the way, but honestly how far has she exactly gone in the modeling world?

I guess I find this new premise to the popular modelling show puzzling because if Tyra would like her show to be unique, why not have a season devoted to only plus size models? How many cycles have had beautiful plus sized models? Diana Zalewski, Tocara Jones, Whitney Cunningham and cycle 9 winner Whitney Thompson for example. There is a HUGE market for plus sized models, why not capitalize on that and inspire all the big and beautiful ladies aspiring to have a realistic, modelling career?

In year the 2009, being plus-sized is no longer a taboo. Playdead Cult/Damzels in this Dress featured a plus-size model in their SS09 fashion show. John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier have done the same, featuring famous plus-size model, Velvet d'Amour in their respective fashion shows. So I beg the question, why NOT have a season featuring plus-size models? Where my ladies at?
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