Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day in the life of a Toronto Fashionista......

Ever wondered what it would be like to volunteer for LG Fashion Week? Read ahead to find out!

As a budding fashionista and proud Canadian, one can only imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to volunteer at LG Fashion Week (formerly known as L’Oreal Fashion Week). It was February 2008 and I had been looking forward to the possibility of attending Canada’s premiere fashion event. Toronto’s fashion week was originated by the FDCC, an acronym for the Fashion Design Council of Canada, as a way to garner publicity and attention for Canada’s fashionably elite. LG Fashion Week aims to put Canadian fashion designers on the map and it has does an incredible job. Attracting the likes of Jeanne Bekker, Joseph Mimran, Nada Shephard and Shawn Husein, LG Fashion Week has definitely made itself the place to be for all things Canadian fashion.

I had so been looking forward to being a part of Toronto Fashion Week. I remember spending my Valentine’s Day sitting in front of the computer typing up my application to volunteer. I guess most people were celebrating the day of love with their sweethearts, but I felt my love for all things fashion satisfied me more. Passing up the opportunity to volunteer for LG Fashion Week was not possibility to me. The platform that it had created for Canada’s top fashion designers is something that had been very inspiring to me. Unfortunately, the last thing that Canada is known for is fashion and LG Fashion Week along with the FDCC assist with this by putting our Canadian talent on the map. It is events like this that make me realize why I love the fashion industry and why it is so important to support home grown talent.

It was now a grey February morning and as I followed with my daily routine of checking my e-mail, I saw an unread message and it was from none other than the FDCC! I opened the message and it was my volunteer schedule. I was to monitor the Fashion Environment and report to duty the very next day. The excitement bubbled up inside of me as I fantasized about all the fabulous clothes I would be able to see, the industry insiders I would be assisting and the gorgeous models strutting down the Canadian catwalk.

On my first day I helped with the set up the runway and main fashion environment at Nathan Phillips Square. I hustled down to the FDCC to package gift bags and assist with model fittings and got the chance to speak with one of the gorgeous models. It was a long day but definitely well worth it. After all, I was taking part in the hippest fashion event in town.

Finally the shows began. I fulfilled my duty as a LG Fashion Week volunteer that was to monitor the Fashion Environment. I picked garbage off of the floor, greeted guests and made sure the event ran smoothly. In between each of my tasks I couldn’t help but admire all the fashionable people that surrounded me. Toronto’s hottest fashionistas carried Gucci bags, wore the sleekest Louboutins and exuded style with their Prada sunglasses. The likes of Eva Avila, Stacey McKenzie and Iman mingled during the event and I could not believe that I was a part of it! Each fashion show played on a jumbo screen and I was able to watch Project Runway Canada winner Evan Bidell’s first fashion show. With all the fashion, excitement and fabulousness I was excited, overwhelmed and inspired all at the same time. Being a part of this made me realize that not only did I love the fashion industry but I belonged in it and the fact that this amazing event was held right in my hometown made me think, Oh Canada!
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